Week 19: Bad News Bears

Once when I was like 12, my dad showed us a movie that he LOVED as a kid called ‘Bad News Bears’. It was about baseball. I don’t really remember that much about it because every character in that movie cursed like a sailor. My mom tolerated it for about 15 minutes until 3 year old Payson started yelling the ‘s word’ left and right. We never did finish that movie. A good memory for sure though.

The bad news this week is that someone tried to Bible Bash with us. The good news is that Elder Hein and I were prepared and we shut it down QUICK. Since we’re in the Bible Belt, we’ve been working on defending our faith through the Bible and it was fun to see it pay off! And we started teaching this poor basher about the Gospel this week! So bashing occasionally works! I guess. I never thought I’d say that.

What is it about meetings that go long that makes us all just…check out? We had a Zone Conference on Zoom this week that was supposed to go 9-11. It wen’t 9-12:30. BLECH. Please, if you are in charge of ANY type of meeting, PLEASE make sure it ends on time. But it even happens in Sacrament meeting. If the Sacrament Meeting is supposed to end at 10 and the Bishop stands up to speak at 10:01, I won’t hear a word of what he says because I simply check out. That happens to y’all, right?

Our blind friend Kenny is doing great. We told him about some scriptures in the Bibile that prophecy and predict the coming of the Book of Mormon and I think it honestly got to him a little bit. He was…kinda shook for real for real. It was fun to discuss these things with him and he’s opening up a little more which we LOVE to see.

I read Luke chapter 8 this week and it hit different. It’s about the Parable of the Sower. As I was reading this parable, I noticed something that Talmage mentioned in ‘Jesus The Christ’. Never once does Jesus say that a different type of soil cannot change. Just because some soil is rocky now does not mean it will STAY rocky. As missionaries, sometimes we attempt to sow seeds on rockky soil, or where many thorns are. It can be discouraging to see so many seeds choked up. But different situations can arise for these people. Maybe someday the ground is better able to grow the seed of the gospel. It’s all dependant on external variables, and our own spiritualy growth. On the flip side, good soil can become easily corrupted. We gotta take care of our ‘spiritual gardens’. Pluck out weeds early, cast out stones from the dirt, and make sure we plant seeds deliberately. 

I love you all! Enjoy some more Facebook Finding videos!

Elder Inkley

1. Some Dominoes courtesy of my mom. Love you mom!

2. Exchanges with the Zone Leaders. Oops

3. Funny Facebook video!