Week 18: Just Simply Vibing

What up Party Rockers. It’s your Bald Elder coming at you with another weekly update. Time is absolutely insane out on a mission. Every day feels like an eternity, but then a week flies by and you wonder where the absolute crap did the week go? But still everyday is an eternity.

Elder Hein’s ankle is like 90%, and once it’s completely healed we are gonna go start walking around because the weather is GORGEOUS here in Wentzville. It’s anywhere from the mid 50s to high 60s, so it’s just perfect. It’s been hard being companions with a cripple. I have to, like, care for him and go up and down the stairs for him to grab something from downstairs. It’s exhausting. It’s also like we are in quarantine because he’s gotta wrap his foot which takes more time than Payson getting dressed for school in the mornings (Which takes about a freakin year it feels like). But he’s healing up which is way good. Woohoo!

We also keep doing this ‘Video Street Contacting’ thing and some of the bloopers make for comedy gold. I’ll attach one of the videos to this email so you can keep laughing at us. We’re pretty hilarious. Through this video Street Contacting thing, we met a dude named Mike, who’s a truck driver. He’s legit. He curses up a storm, but he’s very genuine and willing to listen. We are also still teaching our blind Jehovah’s Witness friend, Kenny. We bought him a braille Book of Mormon and it seriously comes in 8 GINORMOUS binders. I ordered it off the Church Store for 3.50$ and thought it would be, you know, slightly bigger than a quad set of scriptures. NOPE. This super heavy, behemoth of a box shows up on our doorstep and I honestly thought we were given a bomb. I had no idea what it could possibly be. But it had the Church logo on the box. So we opened it up and boom! It’s a Book of Mormon. 

Want to know the coolest part about the church? The perfectness of the Gospel. Wanna know the crappiest thing about the Church? The fact that it has to be run by humans. I’m reading ‘Saints’ right now and WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BOY there were some real doozies. Some excommunicated members would literally kill members. It’s wack. Some church leaders were also wack. They did some questionable things. But want to know something? Our faith isn’t built upon them. The best part about the church is the fact that it’s led by Jesus Christ. D & C 6: 36 tells us to “Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.” It’s all good to have questions. Questions lead us to answers. But never doubt. Look to the Lord. He is here for us. That’s His whole purpose.

I love you all! May the Lord bless you this week in all your endeavors.

Elder Inkley

P.S. “Be excellent to each other, and PARTY ON dudes! – Bill and Ted” – Brigham Inkley