About Payson!

Payson was diagnosed with Leukemia on May 3, 2017, four days prior to his 7th birthday.  Letskickthispig.com is about all the days since that day.

Why “Let’s Kick This Pig!?”

Our family does plays. We say two things to each other before we go on stage:

1. Don’t embarrass the family.

2. Let’s kick this pig.

So, it means get after it, be the awesomest version of yourself, be present and in-the-moment, and take advantage of the opportunities you have to be you.  Even with Leukemia, the idea is the same.  Let’s kick this pig.  Check in every once in a while to see Payson’s pig kicking progress.


If you want text updates, text PAYSON to 78619.

Thank You

We are humbled and overwhelmed by the love and support of our friends and family. We couldn’t be more fortunate to have such a village of people helping Pace through this. We have so much to do and much to learn and figure out, and your interest in Payson and his progress sustains us.

It doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of our feelings, but thank you.