Week 13: SNOW!

Hello! Sorry this is so late. But I’m still pumped to be able to update you all on the work in Cape Girardeau. This weeks’ big news: IT SNOWED! And it stuck for a whole 36 hours! It doesn’t seem that much to all y’all Utahns, but it is HUGE for Missourians. It was dope  as crap. We got some dope pics and we had a great time playing around in the snow. 

So! The Work! It’s going so well. We are trying our best to adapt to Facebook finding, but it was awesome this week because we found 4 new people to begin teaching this week! It’s awesome to see the work progressing, even during a pandemic. Of course, we get lots of people using the F bombs or telling us that we are all homophobic or that we are gay. So getting a lot of mixed messages about what people think about LDS people down  here.

Companionship wise, things went better. But we did have an insanely intense companionship inventory the other day. It all came out. The Spirit of the Law vs the Letter of the Law. Eventually we hugged it out and vowed to meet in the middle ground to become the best missionaries we can be. I love being a dude because we talk, we fight, and then we become bros again. I love it. Our friends are good too! We are getting really close with DJ. He’s growing closer to the Savior all the time which is good. Also Eli. Eli and DJ are coming to church every week. They are keeping commitments and they are becoming disciples of Christ, which is the most important thing.

Read Alma 40 this week. The whole chapter is so money and so comforting. All of our greatest fears and our biggest questions are quelled and answered there. Read it. It will bring you joy and comfort. Study it. Understand it, FEEL it. It’ll be awesome for you, as it has been for me.

Also, we got to go to Tucanos this week. 

Love you all!

Elder Inkley

Pics and Vids!