Week 12: Being Human

Hello Everyone! It’s another wonderful week here in rainy Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Things are going…bi-polar around here. Our companionship has its ups and downs. Some days are really good, some days not so good, some days straight up suck. I’m now learning that that’s just missionary work. It’s beautiful and lovely and so hard so often. We also  had a ton of lessons cancel on us this week. Most of them were rescheduled, but we got straight up hosed on a few of them.

It’s not all bad though. There’s never all bad of anything. Recently, we started teaching this dude named Eli. His girlfriend is in our ward and has been a member for a  long time. He’s really interested. One time,  when the girlfriend and her family couldn’t make it for church, Eli came by himself, by his own free will. So we know he’s at least somewhat serious about learning! We taught him the Plan of Salvation this week and he had some really cool insights and things I’ve never thought about before when it comes to that stuff. He’s extremely awkward in person though. He’s a music major (that already kinda gives it away that he’s probably awkward) and kinda short. In person and on zoom he’s awkward as crap. But on the phone he comes ALIVE! Our best interactions are on the phone which is the complete opposite of me. If you have ever seen me on the phone you know I look and sound like a babbling idiot 95% of the time. So good for Eli!

FYI We have a flood warning here in Cape today. Pretty rainy! But it’s COLD rain. Because of course it never snows here. It’s just Absolutely crushing rain that is the same temperature as snow. The people here are Hardy. What on earth was the Lord thinking when He chose MISSOURI of all places to be where the saints will build Zion. Why couldn’t it have been somewhere tropical or at least have mountains. I miss mountains. This place is beautiful for a few months and then HOT as crap and then nice for a little bit and then AS COLD AS THE HEART OF THE GRINCH. But eternal perspective I guess.

My spiritual thought this week comes from my study in the Book of Mormon, specifically in Alma, where I’m currently reading. Alma 37: 6-7 tell us that by ‘…small and simple things are great things brought to pass…and by small means the Lord doth confound the wise and bringeth salvation of many souls.” This verse is inspiring to all. But especially for Missionaries. Sometimes, our acts may seem in vain. We may work hard for a full day and not see any of the fruits of our labors. We may struggle with a companion. We may struggle with a leader. Nothing big is happening and you can feel stuck. But it’s the SMALL things that the Lord uses to do his work. How beautiful and how comforting. We don’t have to have Joseph Smith-like abilities or experiences to bring salvation to many souls. It’s done by the small and simple things.

You all rock. I’m so grateful for everyone who responds to these sappy emails, and even more impressively, actually read through the whole thing! You all so totally rock dude. 

Elder Inkley


1.) Found this gem while doing family history. The Church just straight up roasted my mom.

2.) Da fellas 

3.) Using my skull shaver. I love it