Week 10: I’m cold to the bone (Ba da da da da)

Missouri finally decided to give me what I had dreaded most; a Missouri Winter. Now, I’m down in Cape. We don’t get much snow down here, if any. So most people would think, “Oh! It’s not that bad!” Whooooooooooo boy was I WRONG. The cold down here HITS DIFFERENT. It’s not a dry cold like back home in Good Ole’ Utah. No. No sir. No way jose. This is cold with moisture. It HITS. It chills you to the bone. It pierces your soul. You may be fine one moment but if there’s any HINT of a breeze, it’s game over. it’s glorious and it makes for some funny moments because one of my companions is from Brazil, so he hasn’t been too exposed to cold like us hardy Utah Boys.

This week was good! We’ve had some great lessons with DJ. We are hoping to invite him this weekend again. In one of our lessons, we extended an invitation to start thinking about Baptism. He says he’d never really considered it, but would look into it this week. He wants to understand the Atonement more, so we invited him to read Alma 36. That chapter is fantastic by the  way you should read it.

We also started teaching new people! Tasha and her son Gavin. We are pumped to begin teaching them. They have been down on their luck for a while and are extremely humble and ready to listen to the Spirit and to teachings that will really help them. 

I’ve been having some anxiety stuff this week. The weird thing about my anxiety stuff is that…I don’t know my trigger. Most people know what it is for them. They hear or see a thing and they immediately start to freak out. For me, I freak out and I’m not sure the reason why. BUT I’m beginning to understand why. I think it comes when I’m feel like I’m not meeting expectations. Whether their mine, or my own, it doesn’t matter. Now this isn’t the only reason I sometimes freak out,  but I think it’s part of it. If any of you have any experiences with that, I’d love to hear them. Our burdens are easier when shared. I’m here for all of you and would love to hear your thoughts. This isn’t meant to be a pitty party, because that never helps anyone. It’s meant to be a growing experience and I think mental health should be talked about more because it’s just health. Your brain is a part of you. It can have problems. It’s just a thing. Anyway, I’d love to hear all of your thoughts.

I’m also reading Jesus The Christ. Holy crap that’s a book and a half right there. It is just chock full of doctrine that never ceases to amaze. It has brought me comfort and joy to learn more about the circumstances of Christ before this life and what his early life might have been like. I’m on Chapter 10. My thought for this week would be about the Anti Nephi Lehis. Those people had so much faith. Can we have that much faith? They looked forward to the coming of the Messiah to save them spiritually whole those in the old World looked for a military Messiah to save them from Rome. That’s why many of the Jews rejected Christ. So let’s look to he saved spiritually and trust our other cares and worries will follow suit.

I love you all. I appreciate all those who read to the end of my novels every week. God Bless and Party On!

Elder Inkley