Week 9: Jumanji!

I saw about 200 memes this week joking about yelling ‘Jumanji’ right at midnight to end 2020. But here’s the problem; WE NEED TO BE CAUTIOUS! WE HAD NO IDEA WHAT 2020 WAS GONNA BRING. WHO KNOWS WHAT 2021 WILL DO! The years as a whole seem to be getting worse and worse so WHY are we relying on the New Year to change our lives? YOU CHANGE YOUR OWN LIFE! Jumanji is a good movie though. The one with Robin Williams reigns supreme but the new ones aren’t bad!

Okay this week; Transfer Week baby! Elder Ross left. Huge bummer and we were sad to see him go. BUT our new companion, Elder Windmiller is an absolute beast. He’s from Brazil. He moved to Utah when he was 14, but originally from Southern Brazil. He’s such a hard worker and has been kind of kicking my butt for the last couple days in the best way possible. The language barrier has also been funny to experience. He speaks great English, but he doesn’t know the slang, which is pretty typical. Because as the old adage goes, “English isn’t one language. It’s three languages in a trenchcoat and a hat pretending to be one language.” Nevertheless, it’s been fun doing new things and teaching in new ways. Elder Windmiller is an absolute animal and I am PUMPED for this transfer. 

We had a lesson with DJ over the weekend. We watched a good video and read from Alma 36. We were gonna set some expectations and meet with him more when out of the blue he told us, “I wanna grow closer to the Savior. I want to meet with you guys 2 or 3 times a week.” All three of us were SHOCKED! It was an amazing experience to know that someone is ready to move forward, and they know it to and take the initiative.  So we are meeting with DJ more! We are gonna try to get him DUNK’D!

So we are in a new year. As I said in the earlier in this email, the one number changing from 0 to 1 is not what changes or defines a year. Numerically and astronomically, sure yeah. But in reality, you get to decide what the year brings. We are talking about setting goals that stretch us, but that are achievable in our mission. Usually, my New Years Resolutions go something like; “Fired UP!, Starting up easy, Doing good for a week, Slip up in the second week, etc and etc.” By February I don’t even remember what my resolution was. This year though, I’m working on goals that I can easily do, but that stretch me and make me a better person. I’d encourage you all to do the same! Goals are really tricky. There is something to be said that when reaching for the stars, you’ll at least get the moon. But not achieving goals can be discouraging. So set goals. Make them stretch you. Make them make you better. But make them achievable! 2021 can be magical if we all do our best. I love you all!

Elder Inkley

1.) Service Time!

2.) This sign is in Illinois. I HATE Illinois now.

3.) Speak Out! With Elder Ross ):

4.) Two Elders in our districts named were Hall and Oats. So they made this. It’s a masterpiece. 

5.) A little kid in our ward took this picture of himself during sacrament meeting. 

6.) A good meme. 

Love you all!