Week 6: Zombies

Weird subject line I know. But just read on. Because somehow, the theme of this week was zombies. Have you ever played Call of Duty Zombies mode or Ballon Tower Defense? Any game where you have to defeat enemies around after round. At first, it’s easy. The game glides you into it. Then round 10 hits and BOOOOOM it’s just absolute chaos. You don’t know what’s happening and you’re juustkibda clicking buttons hoping it’ll do something good. That’s how this week felt during our mission tour. We had Elder Valenzuela from our Area 70. He gave a talk called “Small and Simple Things” in conference a few years ago and it’s awesome. He is such a kind dude. He cares so much about the people and the missionaries here. I learned so much and was so uplifted. And I bet mission tours are usually SO cool and you just enjoy every second of it. But on zoom, it was so brutal. We had line 12 hours if zoom meetings in 3 days. And a lot of it was MLC stuff so I was just kind of there while my companions participated because they’re Zone Leaders and I’m still as green as the Jolly Green Giant. But it was never ending and it felt like a zombies game where I was just absolutely overwhelmed by meetings. It really was uplifting and SERIOUSLY needed, but lots of meetings. 

In other zombie news, my one of my companions started sleep walking and talking this week. A few nights ago we literally went into the bathroom, peed, and got back into bed and he didn’t remember. He was also speaking in a weird language the whole time. It was almost English, but if he put all the words into a blender and then tried to say whatever that concoction spelled out. Last night, he came over to my bed and picked up my legs and started shaking them while summoning a demon. Or that’s what it sounded like. It’s been interesting, especially because this hasn’t happened before for him. 

Great News! Billy and Tammy are on date for baptism! This Sunday after church is the time we have set up. We are so excited! They’re journey to baptism has been extremely long and very painful at times. But they are so strong and have so much faith. We love them. 

Last week I talked about humility. I love this so much. It’s been great to study this topic. Humility isn’t you saying how bad you are or how much you suck. It’s about being willing to submit and putting your head down and go to work. This week, I’d invite you to study virtue. What is it? How am I doing at being virtuous? Where in the scriptures can I learn about it? That would be my invitation for this week. I love you all and hope you have a great week. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Elder Inkley

1.) Sometimes you just gotta use the nebulizer. VapeNation 4 life 

2 & 3.) Playing with snapchat filters at a members house. I like the anime looking one, but I look like Rozz from Monsters Inc. In the second one. 

4.) Finished this EXTREMELY hard puzzle this week. It took us way too long to do it.

5.) The puzzle wall in our apartment! Pretty dope. Has some past Apartment occupants puzzles on there.