Week 5: Like Father, Like Son

So I had my first Baptism this week! Dennis was baptized and confirmed this weekend. He was so ready. And he’s gonna be a huge asset to the Lord in the work. Very analytical and careful. He used to battle plan for the US Army, so he knows what he’s doing. It was an awesome weekend. But that wasn’t even the most exciting thing this week.

I ripped my freaking pants doing service this week. We were digging a trench to help someone drain some water out of their backyard. I tried to hop in to get some leverage and shovel out a bunch of dirt. I put one leg in and I just heard a RRRIIIIIIPPP. I looked down and lo and behold; 

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a giant RIP in my pants. Right down the crotch line. Luckily it was just the Elder Missionaries working on this trench, but I was still mortified. But it helped to know that if my father were digging this trench, he would’ve done the same thing. He ripped like 13 pairs of pants in 15 shows of Jekyll and Hyde. So if anyone knows what to do to prevent that happening, it’s Danny Inkley. I’ll be discussing it with him today in an effort to NOT completely embarrass myself on the mission again. At least, not rip much pants again.

Our zone is good. I love my comps but DANG are we in a ton of meetings. It’s crazy. I feel so useless during meetings. I want to be doing something active, and sitting there feels so passive. But alas. At least I want to go work. I haven’t lost motivation yet. 

I saw the Mississippi River this week! Pretty cool.

I have a thought to share with you all. I’d encourage you to think about humility this week. I think that humility is one of the most important Christlike attributes. We have been studying it as a mission these past couple weeks and it has really touched me. Ether 12:27 is a really good scripture for humility. Moroni 6:9 talks about conducting meetings in humility. I think that more than just church meetings can be held with humility though. I’d love to hear all of your thoughts on humility if you decide to study it this week. Okay. Love you guys! God Bless!

Pictures Loaded in backwards order:

5.) My ripped pants šŸ™

4.) My guy DENNIS on his baptism day

3.) Da Riva

2.) Old Town Cape AND da Riva!

1.) Pic for the Gram.