Week 40: Temples and Broken Wrists

It’s all good in the hood! And by hood I mean Lincoln county which isn’t really that hood like other than the copious amounts of drugs that go around. There is officially another Elder Inkley in the world! His name is Walter and he’s gonna kill it this week in home MTC. 

We have our friend Ezra on date! He’s the 9 year old in our ward from an inactive family. We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ this week and he accepted an invite to baptism! We got him a ride to church with another family, so he was able to experience church for the first time in a few years.

My guy Elder Leavitt in Missouri River broke his wrist this week and we thought he had to go home, BUT HE MIGHT be able to stay. We hope he can stay out so keep him in ur thoughts and prayers.

I got to go do baptisms at the St. Louis temple this week and it was SO amazing. It was fantastic to be able to take some time out of our day and be in the Lord’s house. I learned some things I really needed to learn and felt things that I really needed to feel. Overall, 10/10.

Love u all!

Elder Inkley