Week 36: But the peculiar thing is this my friends; the song we sang on that fateful night it didn’t sound anything like THIS SONG

We were SO CLOSE to extending an invite this week. But we weren’t feeling it and we didn’t get any promptings, so we just had an amazing lesson anyway. It was with our boy John. We are thinking he could be baptized by the end of August, if not sooner. It all just depends on his want, and his personal choices (you know how it is)

We painted a deck for a long time this week. It was VERY hot, but such a freaking good time. It’s fun to paint a deck/wall when there’s no need to be careful. You can just flippin GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and there’s no need to be careful or worry about it getting in the wrong spot. It’s a deck! And it’s all gonna be the same color! So it was fun to go sicko mode on it.

This week also included lots of street contacting. And boy is it awkward. Not just ‘oops haha i’m So AwKwArD’ Netflix teenager BS. No the kind of awkward that makes you want to cringe so hard that the veins in your head pop out. It’s just hard to talk to people when other people a.) don’t know who you are and b.) don’t really want to be stopped. But of course, we do it. We talked to a man named Harley. He was VERY open and invited us to a Bible Study! I was so pumped to actually have a successful street contact. Unfortunately, my happiness faded when we woke up that morning. He texted us at 3 AM and apparently found out we were ‘Them Darn Mormons’. He texted us that he was un-inviting us from the Bible Study. Later that day, we were doing service. We got a random call and we weren’t able to answer it at the time. It was Harley’s Pastor! He left us a 4 minute voicemail (it would’ve been longer, but it cut him off) about how we were trying to decieve Harley and we were serving our missions just so we could attend BYU. We tried to call him a few times and never got an answer back. And that’s gonna bug me because there’s NO WAY I want ANYONE to think that I would EVER attend BYU on PURPOSE. I gotta set the record straight.

We also hosted a devotional our mission puts on. Here’s the link to that!


My thought for this week is short: God exists. He loves you. His Son, Jesus Christ, atoned for all of our sins so we can become better human beings everyday. You are not just destined to live here and die. You are LITERALLY destined for greatness. Phillipians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

Be Excellent To Eachother! And Party On Dudes!

Elder Inkley