Week 29: The Never-Ending Story

What Up! Good week this week. I honestly don’t remember a ton of it. We were on that GRIND this week. It felt really good. 

Jeanne and Vince came to church yesterday! We were pumped that they made it. They seemed a little uncomfortable at first, but they eventually started feeling more and more ‘at home’ as Vince put it. Vince also told us that he’s reading the ‘little kid Book of Mormon’ (the Book of Mormon Stories thing). Vince is definately interested. We still need to work on Jeanne a little bit though. She’s just had a very bad experience with organized religion. But she likes us and trusts us and that’s what’s important right now.

We are also getting close to our boy Michael. We got to work on his old 1990 Chevy Silverado this week. Okay let me rephrase that. Michael and Elder Hein worked on the truck while I held flashlights or pretended to know what I was doing. I’m clueless when it comes to cars BUT I learned a ton that day and it was a good time! He’s dope. Progressing very nicely (both him and the truck).

Honestly the rest of the week was a grind. But in a good way! We can now be outside and street contact and be in homes without masks. It’s a huge blessing. 

Meekness is an interesting topic to study. Neal A Maxwell once joked and said “If the meek wish to inherit the earth, they need to be a but more bold.” He went on to explain that meekness is not rolling over and letting injustice happen. The best meekness is being willing to do the Father’s will. Christ did it best. So let’s all try to be more meek this week. It’s important and will allow us to inherit the highest blessings God has for us.

Elder Inkley 


1. Working on da car 

2. A bunch of missionaries at a dope meeting 

3. I SAW A PS5 IN PERSON THIS WEEK!!! It’s freaking ginormous

4. Obligatory Meme