Hello all of you beautiful people! What another pleasant week to be a Child of God on this beautiful earth. And what another beautiful week to have one of God’s greatest gifts to man kind: Raisin Canes.

Wentzville is really cool. Except I haven’t been able to really be outside over the past few days it’s been negative a billion degrees and it’s just now warming up. But for real, it has been so cold. When I wore my mask and then took it off after it being on for a while, it would freeze in its place because of the spit molecules made it wet and the cold made it ICE. It sucked and I was cold all the time. But we got to do a lot of service because it also snowed 5 inches! We got some sick drifts. I mean…we were consecrated missionaries and we drove responsibly all the time.

We are talking to BILL and TIA. Bill is dope. He lives in a half way house right now and is the bomb. He sometimes gets docterine confused but he has such a pure heart. Also, he is addicted to smoking so if you guys could pray for Bill, that would be great. Tobacco and nicotine freaking suck. So any help would be appreciated. Tia is a woman we are talking to. She has been in the Catholic church for 19 years and has recently left it. But the Catholic church makes it VERY hard to leave the church. So she’s struggling and has trust issues with church leaders in authority. But she believes in the Book of Mormon and loves the missionaries. So prayers for her would be good for her as well.

We had to go to St. Louis again this week. Elder Gage left us to go Brazil to his reassignment. So we went and dropped him off. But on the way back…… WE RAISIN CANES! It was just as beautiful and delicious as the last time I had it. It was the best part of my week for sure. 

I love you all and hope you stay warmer than I did this week!

Elder Inkley