So, Payson has been invited to help KSL during their 2019 Give-A-Thon on May 21. This thing will raise money for one of the most magical places on earth – Primary Children’s Hospital.

Primary Children’s is a sacred place. It’s frightening and humbling, and also so full of hope and fight and triumph and the absolute best group of humans to ever take the Hippocratic Oath.

So, on the 21st, Little Man will be on the KSL radio and TV talking about his experiences at Primary Children’s, how much the place has meant to us, and how many of the nurses he’s tried to date.

Here’s a promo thing that he recorded for the Radio a few weeks ago.

Our family has been the most supported group of people in the history of people who need support. We’re so grateful for this opportunity to contribute to something that will help so many more families like ours and kids like Payson.

Primary Children’s made him bald. Let’s get our revenge.

So, if you want to get involved, you can hear Payson on the radio and see him on TV on the 21st, and, if possible, you can donate. We hope you can contribute, even just a bit. Here’s a link for more information about this whole thing.

Link to Donate!

The 21st also happens to be Payson’s parents’ 20th wedding anniversary. We wish he would have considered that before he got Leukemia. In any case, this is a pretty great way to spend an anniversary. Sure glad he’s around to spend it with us!