Cancer Free!!!!

Payson is in REMISSION!

So, the point of all of the treatments he’s had in the Induction phase is to make sure that by Day 29 (yesterday) they wouldn’t be able to find cancer in his bone marrow. And they can’t. So, he’s officially in remission. 

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any cancer cells left in his body, just that there’s no evidence of them in the tests. In fact, they know there are Leukemia cells still around, and if untreated they’d start doing their rapid reproduction thing immediately and very soon we’d be right back to square one. So the next six months are about eliminating every single cell that might be a problem. Like, Induction was the Merry Maids cleaning your house, and the rest of the time is like your mother in law cleaning your house. Or something. Also, I love my mother in law very much.

Still such a long road ahead, so much treatment, so much medicine, lots of blah and meh and aaaarrgghh and <expletives deleted>. 

But today, no cancer. Up yours, Leukemia!!!!!!