Week 20: Nerf Guns and Transfers

Guess what! I’m staying in Wentzville for another transfer! I’m pretty pumped about it. Elder Hein is staying too so we get another transfer together.

March Madness happened this week. I’m on my mission BUT I’m in 2nd place in my bracket tournament apparantly. It just goes to show that it DOES NOT MATTER HOW MUCH YOU KNOW ABOUT BASKETBALL! That’s the beauty of March Madness.

We also made a FANTASTIC DISCOVERY this week. There’s this ransom closet in our apartment that we hardly ever open. This week we were looking for some pass-along cards and we checked this closet. Lo and Behold…THERE WERE NERF GUNS AND NERF BULLETS GALORE! We played a ton of Nerf Wars this week after this discovery. We also got some targets and put some tacs in some of the bullets so it’s like DARTS! We are having a freaking crazy fun time with that too. But it can be a little dangerous during companionship inventories…

I also got some more RAISING CANES this week. We had to go to St. Louis for Elder Hein’s doctor appointment. We went to this MASSIVE medical facility and got lost. Why are there so many freaking hospitals in St. Louis?? And why on EARTH are they all so freaking huge? Geez.

We got to do some service at this horse ranch place and clean up a bunch trees and stuff so the horses don’t get whacked by low hanging branches when people are riding them. We met Raven while doing it and we are beginning to teach him about the Gospel! Service is pretty litty.

My spiritual thought comes from Proverbs 21:19. HAHAHAHAHAH just kidding. Look that one up though it’s a bar. My real thought comes from Ecclesiasties 12:13. It reads, “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.” I love that. In this crazy, complicated life, this is our whole duty, our whole purpose. Fear God and keep the commandments. Love They Neighbor. Love Thine Enemies. I love you all! 

Elder Inkley


1. Me definitely not watching March Madness

2. Horse service 

3. Canes

4. Funny meme about Born Against talking about the Book of Mormon 

Week 19: Bad News Bears

Once when I was like 12, my dad showed us a movie that he LOVED as a kid called ‘Bad News Bears’. It was about baseball. I don’t really remember that much about it because every character in that movie cursed like a sailor. My mom tolerated it for about 15 minutes until 3 year old Payson started yelling the ‘s word’ left and right. We never did finish that movie. A good memory for sure though.

The bad news this week is that someone tried to Bible Bash with us. The good news is that Elder Hein and I were prepared and we shut it down QUICK. Since we’re in the Bible Belt, we’ve been working on defending our faith through the Bible and it was fun to see it pay off! And we started teaching this poor basher about the Gospel this week! So bashing occasionally works! I guess. I never thought I’d say that.

What is it about meetings that go long that makes us all just…check out? We had a Zone Conference on Zoom this week that was supposed to go 9-11. It wen’t 9-12:30. BLECH. Please, if you are in charge of ANY type of meeting, PLEASE make sure it ends on time. But it even happens in Sacrament meeting. If the Sacrament Meeting is supposed to end at 10 and the Bishop stands up to speak at 10:01, I won’t hear a word of what he says because I simply check out. That happens to y’all, right?

Our blind friend Kenny is doing great. We told him about some scriptures in the Bibile that prophecy and predict the coming of the Book of Mormon and I think it honestly got to him a little bit. He was…kinda shook for real for real. It was fun to discuss these things with him and he’s opening up a little more which we LOVE to see.

I read Luke chapter 8 this week and it hit different. It’s about the Parable of the Sower. As I was reading this parable, I noticed something that Talmage mentioned in ‘Jesus The Christ’. Never once does Jesus say that a different type of soil cannot change. Just because some soil is rocky now does not mean it will STAY rocky. As missionaries, sometimes we attempt to sow seeds on rockky soil, or where many thorns are. It can be discouraging to see so many seeds choked up. But different situations can arise for these people. Maybe someday the ground is better able to grow the seed of the gospel. It’s all dependant on external variables, and our own spiritualy growth. On the flip side, good soil can become easily corrupted. We gotta take care of our ‘spiritual gardens’. Pluck out weeds early, cast out stones from the dirt, and make sure we plant seeds deliberately. 

I love you all! Enjoy some more Facebook Finding videos!

Elder Inkley

1. Some Dominoes courtesy of my mom. Love you mom!

2. Exchanges with the Zone Leaders. Oops

3. Funny Facebook video!

Week 18: Just Simply Vibing

What up Party Rockers. It’s your Bald Elder coming at you with another weekly update. Time is absolutely insane out on a mission. Every day feels like an eternity, but then a week flies by and you wonder where the absolute crap did the week go? But still everyday is an eternity.

Elder Hein’s ankle is like 90%, and once it’s completely healed we are gonna go start walking around because the weather is GORGEOUS here in Wentzville. It’s anywhere from the mid 50s to high 60s, so it’s just perfect. It’s been hard being companions with a cripple. I have to, like, care for him and go up and down the stairs for him to grab something from downstairs. It’s exhausting. It’s also like we are in quarantine because he’s gotta wrap his foot which takes more time than Payson getting dressed for school in the mornings (Which takes about a freakin year it feels like). But he’s healing up which is way good. Woohoo!

We also keep doing this ‘Video Street Contacting’ thing and some of the bloopers make for comedy gold. I’ll attach one of the videos to this email so you can keep laughing at us. We’re pretty hilarious. Through this video Street Contacting thing, we met a dude named Mike, who’s a truck driver. He’s legit. He curses up a storm, but he’s very genuine and willing to listen. We are also still teaching our blind Jehovah’s Witness friend, Kenny. We bought him a braille Book of Mormon and it seriously comes in 8 GINORMOUS binders. I ordered it off the Church Store for 3.50$ and thought it would be, you know, slightly bigger than a quad set of scriptures. NOPE. This super heavy, behemoth of a box shows up on our doorstep and I honestly thought we were given a bomb. I had no idea what it could possibly be. But it had the Church logo on the box. So we opened it up and boom! It’s a Book of Mormon. 

Want to know the coolest part about the church? The perfectness of the Gospel. Wanna know the crappiest thing about the Church? The fact that it has to be run by humans. I’m reading ‘Saints’ right now and WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BOY there were some real doozies. Some excommunicated members would literally kill members. It’s wack. Some church leaders were also wack. They did some questionable things. But want to know something? Our faith isn’t built upon them. The best part about the church is the fact that it’s led by Jesus Christ. D & C 6: 36 tells us to “Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.” It’s all good to have questions. Questions lead us to answers. But never doubt. Look to the Lord. He is here for us. That’s His whole purpose.

I love you all! May the Lord bless you this week in all your endeavors.

Elder Inkley

P.S. “Be excellent to each other, and PARTY ON dudes! – Bill and Ted” – Brigham Inkley

Week 17: Spoon Fed

Happy March everybody! How freaking crazy that we are already in the 3rd month of a year that has turned out not to be any better than 2020! Just kidding, but only slightly. This year is just as crazy and a lot of the same problems. This week was pretty uneventful, until the very end. I’ll hit on that at the very end. 

Elder Hein destroyed his ankle playing volleyball last P-Day. He was trying to impress the Sisters and President Bell and spike it like crazy. In his words, “I went up for the spike and the Lord rebuked me. Not only did I miss the ball entirely, I came down on my ankle and it’s bruising like crazy.” So we had to buy him a pair of crutches at ‘Budget Boutique’, which is the sketchiest building I’ve ever been inside. It was two stories of America’s garbage. Absolutely Glorious though. I found an old 80s version of ‘Monopoly’ for 75 cents and boy was I tempted. Rest assured, your two favorite Wentzville missionaries will be hitting the Budget Boutique again soon! 

Since Elder Hein sprained his ankle, we’ve been pretty coupped up this week, even by Covid Missionary standards. Everytime we go out he hobbles around on his crutches with his foot wrapped. But he doesn’t want to go to the doctor because they’ll charge him 300 bucks to do the same thing he was doing, which isn’t wrong. So we’ve been pretty coupped up, but it’s made for some pretty funny videos. Ill link some of them at the end of this video. They’re so DOPE! And funny.

Friday night at 8:30 pm, we were making videos on Facebook. All of a sudden, President Bell calls us. We for SURE thought that one of us messed up super hard or one of us was getting emergency transferred out of here, so we started packing our bags. But instead of hearing about one of us leaving or getting rebuked, President Bell informed us that there was a baptism in our ward the next morning of a 9 year old. But since he was nine, it technically counted at a CONVERT baptism. So we went the next morning and helped out in the baptism and it counted as a convert baptism in the Wentzville area! Wentzville? More like DUB-VILLE! We are very pumped about that.

We also started teaching a blind Jehovah’s Witness named Kenny. He was a Witness until the other Witnesses started bullying him for being blind. Wack. So he’s got lots of preconcieved notions about God and Jesus, so any prayers his way would be greatly appreciated.

My obligatory Spiritual Thought for the week comes from Romans 8; 35, 37. It reads “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nadedness, or peril, or sword?…Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.” This is one of the best scriptures in the Bible. It tells us that we CANNOT be seperated from God’s love. And in fact, we will be MORE than victors in our trials. Keep plugging on. If God is with us, who shall be against us?

I love you all!

Elder Inkley

P.S. Party On!


Hello all of you beautiful people! What another pleasant week to be a Child of God on this beautiful earth. And what another beautiful week to have one of God’s greatest gifts to man kind: Raisin Canes.

Wentzville is really cool. Except I haven’t been able to really be outside over the past few days it’s been negative a billion degrees and it’s just now warming up. But for real, it has been so cold. When I wore my mask and then took it off after it being on for a while, it would freeze in its place because of the spit molecules made it wet and the cold made it ICE. It sucked and I was cold all the time. But we got to do a lot of service because it also snowed 5 inches! We got some sick drifts. I mean…we were consecrated missionaries and we drove responsibly all the time.

We are talking to BILL and TIA. Bill is dope. He lives in a half way house right now and is the bomb. He sometimes gets docterine confused but he has such a pure heart. Also, he is addicted to smoking so if you guys could pray for Bill, that would be great. Tobacco and nicotine freaking suck. So any help would be appreciated. Tia is a woman we are talking to. She has been in the Catholic church for 19 years and has recently left it. But the Catholic church makes it VERY hard to leave the church. So she’s struggling and has trust issues with church leaders in authority. But she believes in the Book of Mormon and loves the missionaries. So prayers for her would be good for her as well.

We had to go to St. Louis again this week. Elder Gage left us to go Brazil to his reassignment. So we went and dropped him off. But on the way back…… WE RAISIN CANES! It was just as beautiful and delicious as the last time I had it. It was the best part of my week for sure. 

I love you all and hope you stay warmer than I did this week!

Elder Inkley

Week 15: I Love to See the Temple!

WHOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO for transfers, am I right? Missions are the best. We get absolutely thrown around. We live out of like 5 bags for 2 years. We willingly live in these cheap apartments and are GRATEful for it. We get put with people we’ve never met before and are expected to carry out the work of the Lord and we DO IT! Ah it’s magical.

I am serving now in Wentzville, Missouri. It is about 35 minutes West of St. Louis, so I’m now only 30 minutes away from Raisin’ Canes. The Good Lord is keeping me out of an area where there’s a Canes because He knows that I’ll be so distracted and my mind will only be on chicken and Texas Toast instead of the Salvation of Souls. I love Wentzville. It’s very different from Cape Girardeau though. Cape is much more red neck, white trash, but also lots more humility and willingness to hear the missionaries. The people in Wentzville are more well off. They all commute to St. Louis, lots of them are loaded doctors, and they have this grocery store that’s between a Harmons and Smith’s called Schnucks. It’s not bad! Very different, but I’m pumped to be serving here nonetheless.

We also got to go do Temple Service this week, which is an activity where a bunch of missionaries go and do service on the grounds of the temple. I haven’t been able to spend much time on Temple grounds in a while, not since November. Just being able to stand and work on those sacred grounds lifted my spirits. It may have been 3 degrees outside and snowy, but it was so fun to shovel alongside all of these other dedicated servants of the Lord. The most amazing thing is that the Temple is RIGHT next to the freeway. And yet, while you’re on the grounds, you can’t hear anything. It’s a distant whisper. The grounds are reverent and quiet. As soon as you leave the grounds, it sounds exactly like it should be; Loud, annoying, and drones on and on. I freaking love Temples. It was great to be there and serve on the grounds.

We started teaching this man named Austin this week. He’s homeless, but he’s getting his feet underneath him, which is good. We taught him the Plan of Salvation, and he ate it UP! We are excited to teach him more.

My thoughts this week are once again focused on Jesus the Christ. I got back into it this week because there’s a physical copy in my new apartment! Talmage here is talking about when Christ caused the fig tree with no fruit to wither as He was entering Jerusalem for one of the last times. Talmage says: 

“It was fitting that He should demonstrate His power to smite and to destroy. In manifesting His command over death, He had mercifully raised a maiden from the couch on which she had died, a young man from the bier on which he was being carried to the grave, another from the sepulchre in which he had been laid away a corpse; but in proof of His power to destroy by a word He chose a barren and worthless tree for His subject. Could any of the Twelve doubt, when, a few days later they saw Him in the hands of vindictive priests and heartless pagans, that did He so will He could smite His enemies by a word, even unto death? Yet not until after His glorious resurrection did even the apostles realize how truly voluntary His sacrifice had been.”

Christ only died once He wanted to, once it was absolutely necessary. There were many times where He could’ve, and if He were a normal mortal, should’ve died. But since He is The Christ, He chose the circumstances in which He was to die. He went through the scourge, the bearing of the cross, the absolutely cruel verbal abuse from the Pharisees and the Romans, the Crusifixtion, having to see His friends, His family, His mother watch Him suffer for 9 long hours and did it willingly. How amazing. Christ has the power of Life and Death. And He chooses life. I love that thought. I hope we can all choose to live this week. There’s a lot to fear. But let’s try to live, not just survive. I love you all. Have a good week!

Elder Inkley 

1 Temple Service!


3 The Fellas 

Week 14: “No Place Like…”

Hello! Wow! Good times over here in Missouri. Also, I have big news. DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!! I’m getting transferred! It’s weird thinking about not being in Cape. I’m not sure where I’m going yet, but I’ll find out tomorrow! I’ve absolutely loved being in Cape Girardeau. It’s nothing but hardy people down here. I’ll miss it. I’ll miss it tons. First areas are probably always special and I know Cape will be that for me.

In other news, we have met some interesting characters this week! This man named Scott apparently saw missionaries on Facebook and thought “Yeah, I’m in a bashing mood”. We drove to the middle of nowhere thinking we were gonna meet this hardy country boy who was looking for more inspiration and more Jesus in his life. Nope. 38 minutes later, once we got there, we found out that this dude was hardcore baptist. He said that he can get drunk all the time because “It’s not in the Bible”, but if you eat until you’re full, you’re going to Hell. He also said there is no mercy and that if you don’t live right on Earth, it’s Brimstone and Hellfire for you. It was such a fun conversation. For real, he was the best. But interesting for sure.

Also, I found a sign in this place called Poplar Bluff for a furniture store called ‘Hefners’. The sign LITERALLY says ‘There’s no Place Like Hefners’. I’m not kidding. I don’t know what’s worse; the sign itself or the fact that I was the only one who laughed at it. Guess I’m not consecrated yet. That’s what one of my companions told me. Oops!

We continued to meet with Eli and Dj. Eli is seriously considering baptism and we are so pumped for him. I won’t be here for it, but I’m excited for him nonetheless. It’s discouraging that so many people hate us and don’t want anything to do with us (missionaries) but what keeps me going is the thought of people like Eli. So ready for the gospel.

For this week’s thought, let’s discuss Captain Moroni. That dude was an absolute animal. He was so passionate. And the scriptures decided to say that “If all men were like unto Moroni, the very gates of Hell would quake” or something like that. Imagine if we could all have faith like that and act like Moroni. Also, in that same vein, imagine if we all acted like the attributes in 1 Corinthians 13 when it comes to Charity. Anyway. That’s all. 

I love you all. I’ll update you next week where I was transferred to. Be excellent to each other! And Party on dudes!

Elder Inkley

Week 13: SNOW!

Hello! Sorry this is so late. But I’m still pumped to be able to update you all on the work in Cape Girardeau. This weeks’ big news: IT SNOWED! And it stuck for a whole 36 hours! It doesn’t seem that much to all y’all Utahns, but it is HUGE for Missourians. It was dope  as crap. We got some dope pics and we had a great time playing around in the snow. 

So! The Work! It’s going so well. We are trying our best to adapt to Facebook finding, but it was awesome this week because we found 4 new people to begin teaching this week! It’s awesome to see the work progressing, even during a pandemic. Of course, we get lots of people using the F bombs or telling us that we are all homophobic or that we are gay. So getting a lot of mixed messages about what people think about LDS people down  here.

Companionship wise, things went better. But we did have an insanely intense companionship inventory the other day. It all came out. The Spirit of the Law vs the Letter of the Law. Eventually we hugged it out and vowed to meet in the middle ground to become the best missionaries we can be. I love being a dude because we talk, we fight, and then we become bros again. I love it. Our friends are good too! We are getting really close with DJ. He’s growing closer to the Savior all the time which is good. Also Eli. Eli and DJ are coming to church every week. They are keeping commitments and they are becoming disciples of Christ, which is the most important thing.

Read Alma 40 this week. The whole chapter is so money and so comforting. All of our greatest fears and our biggest questions are quelled and answered there. Read it. It will bring you joy and comfort. Study it. Understand it, FEEL it. It’ll be awesome for you, as it has been for me.

Also, we got to go to Tucanos this week. 

Love you all!

Elder Inkley

Pics and Vids!

Week 12: Being Human

Hello Everyone! It’s another wonderful week here in rainy Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Things are going…bi-polar around here. Our companionship has its ups and downs. Some days are really good, some days not so good, some days straight up suck. I’m now learning that that’s just missionary work. It’s beautiful and lovely and so hard so often. We also  had a ton of lessons cancel on us this week. Most of them were rescheduled, but we got straight up hosed on a few of them.

It’s not all bad though. There’s never all bad of anything. Recently, we started teaching this dude named Eli. His girlfriend is in our ward and has been a member for a  long time. He’s really interested. One time,  when the girlfriend and her family couldn’t make it for church, Eli came by himself, by his own free will. So we know he’s at least somewhat serious about learning! We taught him the Plan of Salvation this week and he had some really cool insights and things I’ve never thought about before when it comes to that stuff. He’s extremely awkward in person though. He’s a music major (that already kinda gives it away that he’s probably awkward) and kinda short. In person and on zoom he’s awkward as crap. But on the phone he comes ALIVE! Our best interactions are on the phone which is the complete opposite of me. If you have ever seen me on the phone you know I look and sound like a babbling idiot 95% of the time. So good for Eli!

FYI We have a flood warning here in Cape today. Pretty rainy! But it’s COLD rain. Because of course it never snows here. It’s just Absolutely crushing rain that is the same temperature as snow. The people here are Hardy. What on earth was the Lord thinking when He chose MISSOURI of all places to be where the saints will build Zion. Why couldn’t it have been somewhere tropical or at least have mountains. I miss mountains. This place is beautiful for a few months and then HOT as crap and then nice for a little bit and then AS COLD AS THE HEART OF THE GRINCH. But eternal perspective I guess.

My spiritual thought this week comes from my study in the Book of Mormon, specifically in Alma, where I’m currently reading. Alma 37: 6-7 tell us that by ‘…small and simple things are great things brought to pass…and by small means the Lord doth confound the wise and bringeth salvation of many souls.” This verse is inspiring to all. But especially for Missionaries. Sometimes, our acts may seem in vain. We may work hard for a full day and not see any of the fruits of our labors. We may struggle with a companion. We may struggle with a leader. Nothing big is happening and you can feel stuck. But it’s the SMALL things that the Lord uses to do his work. How beautiful and how comforting. We don’t have to have Joseph Smith-like abilities or experiences to bring salvation to many souls. It’s done by the small and simple things.

You all rock. I’m so grateful for everyone who responds to these sappy emails, and even more impressively, actually read through the whole thing! You all so totally rock dude. 

Elder Inkley


1.) Found this gem while doing family history. The Church just straight up roasted my mom.

2.) Da fellas 

3.) Using my skull shaver. I love it 

Week 11: Quarantine


Today we are starting with an EPIC tale. One of hopes and dreams, terrors and nightmares. One of failure, but ultimately…victory.

It was a Monday night. As a P-Day celebration, we went to Texas Roadhouse to eat. But unfortunately, one member of our group got, as we put it lightly, cheesed. His stomach chossed and churned as he tossed and turned all night. The next day, he was still feeling the same. We were advised to contact the mission office. This poor Elder had…to get TESTED. And for the rest of us, it meant QUARANTINE. We started the quarantine on Wednesday. It was…an experience. A good one? Not really. But an experience? For sure. It’s absolutely insane how terrible our apartment can be when there’s nothing to do but sit on your phone and be a missionary on Facebook.  Our supplies were running low. Toilet paper was scarce, snacks even scarcer. We almost had to use our hands for both. But, typical of Elders, fruits and veggies were as abundant as ever but we don’t wanna eat that. Blech 🤢🤢🤮. It was excruciating and painful. Blood was almost spilled as tensions were as high as a cumunolimbis cloud. It was a dark time in apartment 1. But Friday morning… the sun came up and we got word that the covid test…was negative. We rejoiced and went outside and felt the fresh air. What an exhausting 36 hour quarantine it was.

It was a fun time, for real. We also had great success on Facebook this week. We probably spend the most amount of time on Facebook doing effective work than any other people on that forsaken app. Lots of people telling us to “F off” as the cool kids say it. But there were some people who were open to our message. We are killing it as a companionship. Going through quarantine was a great way to do inventories of our relationships. Cindy is doing well. So is DJ. We are thinking of baptisms in February for them. 

I want to thank you all for being so open about your own experiences with mental health. It was great for me to see your own experiences and how you have adapted and become stronger through them. I am still learning as I’m sure we all are. But its comforting to know that Jesus Christ knows EXACTLY how we are feeling because he FELT exactly what we were feeling. What a comforting thought. In grateful for all of your emails that made us feel closer together even if we are half a continent apart. Thank you again. 

I’d like to leave you with a giant quote from ‘Jesus The Christ’. It reads:

“These unbelieving scholars, who incessantly wrote and talked of the coming of the Messiah, yet rejected Him when He was there present, murmured in silence, saying to themselves: “Who can forgive sins but God only?” Jesus knew their inmost thoughts, and made reply thereto, saying: “Why reason ye these things in your hearts? Whether is it easier to say to the sick of the palsy, Thy sins be forgiven thee; or to say, Arise, and take up thy bed, and walk?” And then to emphasize, and to put beyond question His possession of divine authority, He added: “But that ye may know that the Son of man hath power on earth to forgive sins, (he saith to the sick of the palsy,) I say unto thee, Arise, and take up thy bed, and go thy way into thine house.” The man arose, fully restored; and, taking up the mattress upon which he had been brought, walked out before them. The amazement of the people was mingled with reverence, and many glorified God, of whose power they were witnesses.”

Let’s not deny Christ. He is opening His arms to us. You just need to accept Him and go to work!

I love you all. Have a good Week!

Elder Inkley

1.) Found out we were quarantined while at zone council. This is the pic we took

2.) Some kid in our ward made this during sacrament meeting

3.) (:

4.) The fellas during quarantine 

5.) Shaving my head. Elder Windmiller is fascinated by my bald head. 

Week 10: I’m cold to the bone (Ba da da da da)

Missouri finally decided to give me what I had dreaded most; a Missouri Winter. Now, I’m down in Cape. We don’t get much snow down here, if any. So most people would think, “Oh! It’s not that bad!” Whooooooooooo boy was I WRONG. The cold down here HITS DIFFERENT. It’s not a dry cold like back home in Good Ole’ Utah. No. No sir. No way jose. This is cold with moisture. It HITS. It chills you to the bone. It pierces your soul. You may be fine one moment but if there’s any HINT of a breeze, it’s game over. it’s glorious and it makes for some funny moments because one of my companions is from Brazil, so he hasn’t been too exposed to cold like us hardy Utah Boys.

This week was good! We’ve had some great lessons with DJ. We are hoping to invite him this weekend again. In one of our lessons, we extended an invitation to start thinking about Baptism. He says he’d never really considered it, but would look into it this week. He wants to understand the Atonement more, so we invited him to read Alma 36. That chapter is fantastic by the  way you should read it.

We also started teaching new people! Tasha and her son Gavin. We are pumped to begin teaching them. They have been down on their luck for a while and are extremely humble and ready to listen to the Spirit and to teachings that will really help them. 

I’ve been having some anxiety stuff this week. The weird thing about my anxiety stuff is that…I don’t know my trigger. Most people know what it is for them. They hear or see a thing and they immediately start to freak out. For me, I freak out and I’m not sure the reason why. BUT I’m beginning to understand why. I think it comes when I’m feel like I’m not meeting expectations. Whether their mine, or my own, it doesn’t matter. Now this isn’t the only reason I sometimes freak out,  but I think it’s part of it. If any of you have any experiences with that, I’d love to hear them. Our burdens are easier when shared. I’m here for all of you and would love to hear your thoughts. This isn’t meant to be a pitty party, because that never helps anyone. It’s meant to be a growing experience and I think mental health should be talked about more because it’s just health. Your brain is a part of you. It can have problems. It’s just a thing. Anyway, I’d love to hear all of your thoughts.

I’m also reading Jesus The Christ. Holy crap that’s a book and a half right there. It is just chock full of doctrine that never ceases to amaze. It has brought me comfort and joy to learn more about the circumstances of Christ before this life and what his early life might have been like. I’m on Chapter 10. My thought for this week would be about the Anti Nephi Lehis. Those people had so much faith. Can we have that much faith? They looked forward to the coming of the Messiah to save them spiritually whole those in the old World looked for a military Messiah to save them from Rome. That’s why many of the Jews rejected Christ. So let’s look to he saved spiritually and trust our other cares and worries will follow suit.

I love you all. I appreciate all those who read to the end of my novels every week. God Bless and Party On!

Elder Inkley

Week 9: Jumanji!

I saw about 200 memes this week joking about yelling ‘Jumanji’ right at midnight to end 2020. But here’s the problem; WE NEED TO BE CAUTIOUS! WE HAD NO IDEA WHAT 2020 WAS GONNA BRING. WHO KNOWS WHAT 2021 WILL DO! The years as a whole seem to be getting worse and worse so WHY are we relying on the New Year to change our lives? YOU CHANGE YOUR OWN LIFE! Jumanji is a good movie though. The one with Robin Williams reigns supreme but the new ones aren’t bad!

Okay this week; Transfer Week baby! Elder Ross left. Huge bummer and we were sad to see him go. BUT our new companion, Elder Windmiller is an absolute beast. He’s from Brazil. He moved to Utah when he was 14, but originally from Southern Brazil. He’s such a hard worker and has been kind of kicking my butt for the last couple days in the best way possible. The language barrier has also been funny to experience. He speaks great English, but he doesn’t know the slang, which is pretty typical. Because as the old adage goes, “English isn’t one language. It’s three languages in a trenchcoat and a hat pretending to be one language.” Nevertheless, it’s been fun doing new things and teaching in new ways. Elder Windmiller is an absolute animal and I am PUMPED for this transfer. 

We had a lesson with DJ over the weekend. We watched a good video and read from Alma 36. We were gonna set some expectations and meet with him more when out of the blue he told us, “I wanna grow closer to the Savior. I want to meet with you guys 2 or 3 times a week.” All three of us were SHOCKED! It was an amazing experience to know that someone is ready to move forward, and they know it to and take the initiative.  So we are meeting with DJ more! We are gonna try to get him DUNK’D!

So we are in a new year. As I said in the earlier in this email, the one number changing from 0 to 1 is not what changes or defines a year. Numerically and astronomically, sure yeah. But in reality, you get to decide what the year brings. We are talking about setting goals that stretch us, but that are achievable in our mission. Usually, my New Years Resolutions go something like; “Fired UP!, Starting up easy, Doing good for a week, Slip up in the second week, etc and etc.” By February I don’t even remember what my resolution was. This year though, I’m working on goals that I can easily do, but that stretch me and make me a better person. I’d encourage you all to do the same! Goals are really tricky. There is something to be said that when reaching for the stars, you’ll at least get the moon. But not achieving goals can be discouraging. So set goals. Make them stretch you. Make them make you better. But make them achievable! 2021 can be magical if we all do our best. I love you all!

Elder Inkley

1.) Service Time!

2.) This sign is in Illinois. I HATE Illinois now.

3.) Speak Out! With Elder Ross ):

4.) Two Elders in our districts named were Hall and Oats. So they made this. It’s a masterpiece. 

5.) A little kid in our ward took this picture of himself during sacrament meeting. 

6.) A good meme. 

Love you all!

Week 8: Christmas aftermath

Holy Crap it’s been an interesting couple of days. Awesome, but interesting nonetheless. Christmas was awesome. We always talk about growing closer to the Savior this time of year and how to do that. This year I finally got it. With little distractions, I was able to focus in on what Christmas meant to me and what it meant for all of humanity. How lucky are we to be able to have a whole month to celebrate Jesus Christ? December is such a wonderful time if we are able to minimize distractions and focus on the best parts of Christmas: Christ himself, and our families and friends we get to spend  time with. My Christmas was absolutely phenomenal. Completely lonely at times, but so special. There’s nothing like a Christmas in the mission field.

It’s been a little tough to actually get stuff done this week when it comes to getting ahold of people. It’s almost like families are together this time of year and would rather spend time with their families rather than 3 awkward white dudes from Utah who miss their families. Weird. We were able to do some service and to call some people and set up some lessons though, so that was nice. We have been meeting with a dude named DJ. He has come to church for a while. But he still has some concerns and reasons for hesitation when it comes to baptism. So if you will, pray for DJ this week. He’s literally the funniest dude and we’d love to see him GET DUNK’D. And, you know, receive Eternal Salvation too. 

We got transfer news this week! Our dear Elder Ross is leaving us tomorrow. I’m bummed to see him go, but am EXTREMELY grateful for the time I’ve had with him and the lessons he’s taught me as my trainer. We don’t know who will be replacing him yet, but I’ll update you on that next week. But I’ll still be here in Cape Girardeau for this transfer. Transfer news is exciting, isn’t it? It’s nerve-wracking also. But fun to have this energy and the winds of change at our backs.

That’s what I’d like to leave you all with this week. Change. Change is beautiful. The old saying is “The only thing constant IS change.” I love that. How boring would life be if we just stayed the same? Same scenarios all the time, same people all the time, same experiences, same outcomes. The thing is, we feel SAFE when it comes to things staying the same. Change is inherently scary. It has been for me and my family as we’ve been going through a change these past two months. But I’d love to be more open to change. 2020 has taught us to expect the unexpected. We’ve learned a lot about ourselves as individuals, and as a society. As we approach 2021 this week, lets decide if we are going to be open to the changes 2021 throws at us, or if we’re gonna be stubborn and try to keep things the exact same. If we can adapt and do the best with what we have, we’ll do alright. I love you all and wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


Elder Inkley


1.) A benadryl meme. 

2.) I can use people’s hair as my beard!

3.) A nice Christmas Nap

4.) I got a NICE head shaver that’s designed for bald heads. I’m so blessed. 

5.) Cape Kingdom Zone

Week 7: Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Fortnight

It has been an absolutely phenomenal week. It’s also been extremely long. But in a good way. Last Tuesday we had exchanges with the Assistants in Lindell, which is a suburb of  St. Louis. I am getting so much exposure to lots of Missionaries with lots of experience as a very young missionary. I’m grateful for the chance I got to be with some really good missionaries for that. AND even better, one of them had a guitar so I got to play a lot! I played some ‘Come, Come ye Saints’, ‘Be Still My Soul’, and more! It was really awesome to play the guit-fiddle again. I miss it. 

This week we also had zone conference. Every district had to come up with a skit. Ours was absolutely hilarious. Since our Mission President is kinda bald (not as bald as I am), I got to make some funny jokes about that. Other missionaries tried to make bald jokes with crappy homeade bald caps, but you can’t beat the real thing. We made fun of President’s youngest son who is obsessed with Fortnite and the subject line for this email is how we ended our skit. If it was a competition, we easily would’ve won best skit.

We also had an amazing experience learning about the Atonement together. Christ’s Atonement is so…indescribable. Isn’t it amazing how everytime you study Jesus Christ or the Atonement, you learn something new? It’s truly remarkable and I love how the gospel works like that.

Billy and Tammy got baptized this week! It had been a little over two years since they first talked to the missionaries on the day they got baptized. We got some pictures of them coming out of the font. The joy in their eyes was so potent. I couldn’t help but smile the whole time. The Holy Ghost was also extremely strong when they were confirmed. To use a phrase I coined this week, “We were all hit by the Spirit F-350”. That’s a little truck humor for you there. It was an extremely special day for some special people. The problem is I’ve had three baptisms in my first transfer, so I feel like it’s gonna be a rough couple transfers after this for good ole Elder Inkley. But ces la vie. Or however you spell it.

Many of you may have seen my dad receive a buttload of TaB from an anonymous donor this week. I believe the good Lord is blessing us because during our Walmart run, I found DP10!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH. It has been so long since I had DP10. It is better than just Doctor Pepper out of a can. And I stand by that. I will die on that hill. 

Apparantly something cool happened in the Mandalorian this week. Someone in the Cape Girardeau ward already spoiled something from earlier in Season 2 for me so if ANY OF YOU SPOIL ANYTHING ELSE “I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND GUT YOU LIKE A FISH”. Please be kind this Christmas season to us missionaries who are trying so hard not to focus on it. Thanks!

I’ve been leaving you all with a Christlike attribute to think about and study. This week, I’d like to leave you with a thought about all the Christlike attributes. All of them can be achieved in one simple move or act. By simply turning outward, instead of inward, you can become more Christlike. Caring for others first means caring for yourself. My own mental health has gotten better because I have so much purpose and that purpose is focused on serving others. It’s especially easy to get sucked into the “ME ME ME” mentality, especially during Christmas. But if we can all take a moment to turn outward, instead of inward, we can help Light the World. Not just this December, but always.

I love you all and hope you have a phenomenal Christmas week. Enjoy as much time as you can with your families., whether it’s virtual or in person. Families are the most important unit for society and Christmas is a great time to bond together and grow closer. Merry Christmas all!

Elder Inkley


1. Zone conference

2. Billy and Tammy’s baptism!

3 and 4. DP10 BABY!

5. Sweater gang. We love sweaters 

6. I love this sign. Go cards!!!

Week 6: Zombies

Weird subject line I know. But just read on. Because somehow, the theme of this week was zombies. Have you ever played Call of Duty Zombies mode or Ballon Tower Defense? Any game where you have to defeat enemies around after round. At first, it’s easy. The game glides you into it. Then round 10 hits and BOOOOOM it’s just absolute chaos. You don’t know what’s happening and you’re juustkibda clicking buttons hoping it’ll do something good. That’s how this week felt during our mission tour. We had Elder Valenzuela from our Area 70. He gave a talk called “Small and Simple Things” in conference a few years ago and it’s awesome. He is such a kind dude. He cares so much about the people and the missionaries here. I learned so much and was so uplifted. And I bet mission tours are usually SO cool and you just enjoy every second of it. But on zoom, it was so brutal. We had line 12 hours if zoom meetings in 3 days. And a lot of it was MLC stuff so I was just kind of there while my companions participated because they’re Zone Leaders and I’m still as green as the Jolly Green Giant. But it was never ending and it felt like a zombies game where I was just absolutely overwhelmed by meetings. It really was uplifting and SERIOUSLY needed, but lots of meetings. 

In other zombie news, my one of my companions started sleep walking and talking this week. A few nights ago we literally went into the bathroom, peed, and got back into bed and he didn’t remember. He was also speaking in a weird language the whole time. It was almost English, but if he put all the words into a blender and then tried to say whatever that concoction spelled out. Last night, he came over to my bed and picked up my legs and started shaking them while summoning a demon. Or that’s what it sounded like. It’s been interesting, especially because this hasn’t happened before for him. 

Great News! Billy and Tammy are on date for baptism! This Sunday after church is the time we have set up. We are so excited! They’re journey to baptism has been extremely long and very painful at times. But they are so strong and have so much faith. We love them. 

Last week I talked about humility. I love this so much. It’s been great to study this topic. Humility isn’t you saying how bad you are or how much you suck. It’s about being willing to submit and putting your head down and go to work. This week, I’d invite you to study virtue. What is it? How am I doing at being virtuous? Where in the scriptures can I learn about it? That would be my invitation for this week. I love you all and hope you have a great week. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Elder Inkley

1.) Sometimes you just gotta use the nebulizer. VapeNation 4 life 

2 & 3.) Playing with snapchat filters at a members house. I like the anime looking one, but I look like Rozz from Monsters Inc. In the second one. 

4.) Finished this EXTREMELY hard puzzle this week. It took us way too long to do it.

5.) The puzzle wall in our apartment! Pretty dope. Has some past Apartment occupants puzzles on there. 

Week 5: Like Father, Like Son

So I had my first Baptism this week! Dennis was baptized and confirmed this weekend. He was so ready. And he’s gonna be a huge asset to the Lord in the work. Very analytical and careful. He used to battle plan for the US Army, so he knows what he’s doing. It was an awesome weekend. But that wasn’t even the most exciting thing this week.

I ripped my freaking pants doing service this week. We were digging a trench to help someone drain some water out of their backyard. I tried to hop in to get some leverage and shovel out a bunch of dirt. I put one leg in and I just heard a RRRIIIIIIPPP. I looked down and lo and behold; 

5 Attachments

a giant RIP in my pants. Right down the crotch line. Luckily it was just the Elder Missionaries working on this trench, but I was still mortified. But it helped to know that if my father were digging this trench, he would’ve done the same thing. He ripped like 13 pairs of pants in 15 shows of Jekyll and Hyde. So if anyone knows what to do to prevent that happening, it’s Danny Inkley. I’ll be discussing it with him today in an effort to NOT completely embarrass myself on the mission again. At least, not rip much pants again.

Our zone is good. I love my comps but DANG are we in a ton of meetings. It’s crazy. I feel so useless during meetings. I want to be doing something active, and sitting there feels so passive. But alas. At least I want to go work. I haven’t lost motivation yet. 

I saw the Mississippi River this week! Pretty cool.

I have a thought to share with you all. I’d encourage you to think about humility this week. I think that humility is one of the most important Christlike attributes. We have been studying it as a mission these past couple weeks and it has really touched me. Ether 12:27 is a really good scripture for humility. Moroni 6:9 talks about conducting meetings in humility. I think that more than just church meetings can be held with humility though. I’d love to hear all of your thoughts on humility if you decide to study it this week. Okay. Love you guys! God Bless!

Pictures Loaded in backwards order:

5.) My ripped pants 🙁

4.) My guy DENNIS on his baptism day

3.) Da Riva

2.) Old Town Cape AND da Riva!

1.) Pic for the Gram. 

Week 5 is very gnice

Hey Yall! It’s been a WEEEEEEK! Thanksgiving was a blast. But I’ll start at the beginning of next week. We got a new couple on date for a baptism! They’ve been on date before, but my comps said something has changed about them. They’re very confident. Their names are Billy and Tammy. Keep them in your prayers! We also have DENNIS who is the very definition of a golden investigator. He’s so smart and knows the foundations of the gospel. He’s the kinda guy who will go through the temple and then say “oh yeah I get it. That made sense to me.” He’s the best. The baptism is this Saturday! I’m unbelievably excited to be involved in a baptism. Should be good! 

I’d like to explain more of what Cape Girardeau is like. It’s the kind of place where a WalMart next to a McDonalds is normal and if either are not next to each other it’s a weird sight for the people of Cape. It’s the kind if place where iHop is a delicacy and a health store would be bombarded with angry rioters on 5 minutes of opening. If stereotypical America were personified in a city, its Cape. People talk about the Russians and The Chinese like they’re about to invade through the gulf of Mexico. They talk about them ‘Dang Liberals’ like they’re all Anti Patriots and and want America to be destroyed. There are more Pro Life billboards in Cape than Homie Realtor billboards in Utah. I love it here. The people are brutally honest. There are no fake faces. If someone doesn’t want to talk to you, they will brutally say it to your face. It makes missionary work easier actually. The families in our ward are so legit. I love them. 

There are so many churches here. There’s one called La Croix. And I always say “That Church is Flavorless!” Get it? Because La Croix the drink is DISGUSTING. I’ll get a picture in front of it someday. 

Okay that’s all for now. I love you all! Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you! 

Love Elder Inkley

Week 4 Guys and Gals

Hey all! Or maybe I should say y’all since im in southern Missouri. 

I’m in the field now! I’m in Cape Girardeau. I stayed at the mission home on Tuesday night, and then Wednesday I got assigned to this area with two Elders! So I’m in a trio. But it wasn’t till I had already unpacked that I realized that they were the Zone Leaders. I’m being trained by the ZLs in the biggest zone in the mission. So I’m learning lots about mission politics and the inner workings on how a mission functions. (Isnt that crazy that people try to gun for leadership positions in the mission? Absolutely crazy) I’m very grateful to have such great trainers. 

We have a bunch of people we are talking to. Dennis is a man who read through the entire BoM, D and C, and the Pearl of Great Price in 5 days. He’s crazy and he’s on date for the 5th of December! Also Don and Jeannette. They’re hilarious. They pray like my family does at dinner time. “Hallelujah” “Amen amen 24/7” stuff like that. It’s funny. My comps weren’t used to it, but it didn’t even faze me.  

It’s been a week of ups and downs. I miss my family and friends. But I’m doing the Lords work! And I’m excited for what’s in store for me. 

I love you all! 

Elder Inkley