Week 31: hot Hot HOT

Hello again from Troy, Missouri where it is a billion degrees all the time. Wanna know what’s nice? Lots of humidity at 65 degrees. Wanna know what ISNT nice? Lots of humidity at 85 degrees. It’s very hot, that’s what I’m trying to say. But the work is good! 

The allergies have been insane this week too. I haven’t been able to talk that much since Thursday when we did some service in this old musty shed. Then right after we were doing some landscaping for our friends Jeanne and Vince and I was just a snot factory dude. Non stop hucking loogies. 

The most interesting story from this week comes from our boy Bill Rector. He wanted to get Zoom up and running on his computer computer he could watch church. He warned me that there may be some “naughty things the devil put on [his] computer”. I opened up a new tab so I didn’t see anything. But curiosity killed the cat. I looked at his history and saw one single search. And it was a BING search of all things. Now I’m not gonna say what exactly the search was because there are innocent eyes and ears in this email list. But needless to say Bill is into Nuns breaking a very important commandment. That’s the most detail I’ll go into. 

The work is good. We are trying our very best and are slowly seeing the fruits of our labors starting to come to fruition. It’s nice to see!

I read the King Follet Sermon again this week. It’s amazing and fills me with SO much hope for the eternities.  One of my favorite quotes from Joseph in the Sermon is, “If we start right, it is easy to go right all the time; but if we start wrong we may go wrong, and it will be a hard matter to get right.” Everyone gets the chance to repent and learn the gospel  in the afterlife. But it’s easier to do it NOW. It’s easier to get on the path NOW. That’s why we serve missions instead of doing just temple work. It’s a beautiful work. Stay on the path! God loves you!!

Elder Inkley 


1. After hours zoom with the boys 

2. Elder Hein got pulled over LMAOO


4. Funny video