Week 27: Mother’s Day Shenanigans

What Up Party People! Happy Monday Morning! And Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms and mother figures out there. You So Totally Rock.

Pretty busy week. Not a lot of crazy things happened. I got to mow a lawn this week thought! For some reason it felt SO GOOD to use a lawn mower. It was so satisfying to just walk and just simply vibe doing yard work. I have no idea why. Maybe I’m getting old and just really enjoy a freshly cut lawn. I am getting old. Jeez.

We had a lesson with Jeanne this week. She was a little confused about some things from the Book of Mormon and is REALLY confused about coffee and the Word of Wisdom. But that’s what you get when you consult Google before you consult the Holy Ghost. We hope that she will begin to consult the Book of Mormon instead of the internet in the future.

Michael is doing well too. He is a little confused or opposed to modern revelation, but the good news is that the Bible backs up modern revelation and the fact that miracles haven’t ceased etc and etc. So he’s opening up to the idea. We are also gonna attend his church sometime in the upcoming weeks and he said he’d come to our church!

Yesterday during Sacrament Meeting, an old dude showed up with about 20 minutes left in the meeting. He was NOT in the place he thought he was, but he made a good mistake by coming to our church! We set up a time to do a bible study this week, which’ll be very interesting! 

1 Nephi 10:19 says that “The course of the Lord is one Eternal Round.” I love this verse because I love thinkning about having an eternal golf round in paradise. That sounds way nice, and something to look forward too!

Love y’all. Have a great week!

Elder Inkley