Week 25: What is popping? Brand New Whip, Just Hopped In

We got a new car for the week. The other one had some problems with it so we got a rental for the week, hence the title. 

Another new whip we hopped into into week? The trams that take you to the top of Gateway Arch that we went on today. Now THAT is sketchy. But the view up top is unbeaten. 

Things in Missouri are good! I’d like to first say that I titled last week’s email ‘GREEEEEEN’. Mother Nature, in a cruel twist of fate, decided it would be FUNNY if it freaking SNOWED the next 2 days. So I take back what I said about Green-ness in Missouri. But it’s still pretty freaking green. Everything I say, the opposite will happen.

Wanna know what else is dope? Micheal. Mr. Weirdest Last Name himself is doing very well. Unfortunately, he’s pretty centered on the gospel of the Trinity. It can be discouraging to see how close the Trinity is to the Truth, but it is so far at the same time. RIP. But Michael is still a joy and he is learning very quickly and we love him!

The grind has been real this week! Not a lot of people talking to us this week. No matter. The work goes forward, no matter how many times we are left on read or how many people YELL AT US USING ALL CAPS ON FACEBOOK MESSENGER. ( I bet the voice in your head read that last bit louder lmaoooooo). Good times nonetheless. 

I studied a lot on Prayer and Faith this week. The Bible Dictionary says that “Prayer is the act by which the will of the Father and the will of the child are brought into correspondence with each other. The object of prayer is not to change the will of God but to secure for ourselves and for others blessings that God is already willing to grant…” This is a skill that is going to take all of us a long time to develop. It’s hard to align our will with God’s. But the coolest part about life is that we can literally talk with God whenever we pray and listen to what the Spirit prompts us to do. 

I love yall! Have a fantastic rest of the month and I’ll talk to you in May (hahahhahahah)

Elder Inkley 

P.S. below are a Bunch of pics of our outing today in STL and a rainbow we saw this week! And of course, the obligatory meme.