Week 21: Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows

I experienced some CRAZY nature this week. First of all, the pollen count has SPIKED and it is throwing me for a looooooooooooop. I’m sneezing all the time. Also, we had a HUGE thunderstorm this week. It was beautiful all day and then BOOOM. Hail, Rain, lightning, thunder, clouds, winds, the whole 9 yards. And not even 20 minutes later, It was sunny. It was intense though. 

Spring is fun though. It’s so beautiful that we get to see evertything start to wake up. More people are out and about, nature turns greener and animals become more active. It’s a really fun time to be alive. The only problem is wasps because wasps are the scum of the earth. TWO got in our apartment this week. Blech.

The other gorgeous thing about Spring is Easter and getting to focus on the Savior’s ressurrection. And with General Conference coming up this week, there’s gonna be lots for all to ponder, pray, and seek guidance for. I personally am excited to watch Conference for the first time as a missionary. It’ll be WAY cool.

Kenny, our blind JW friend, has started to try and convert us. He has started reading out of his Jehovah’s Witness Bible (which has been so heavily modified and verses cut out that you could barely even consider it a Bible) and his ‘WatchTower’ magazines, which is basically the blind JW Book of Mormon, only it sucks. So we are gonna probably start to teach him less and less because he really isn’t that interested.

Raven on the other hand is killing it. Raven is the horse dude we met last week while doing service. He didn’t respond to us for a couple days, but he’s been doing really well ever since. He has had multiple different religious experiences coming from a family full of baptists, catholics, born agains, etc. He is searching for the real thing though. We are excited to give it to him.

Easter is this weekend. The whole week is filled with different events from the last week of the Savior’s Earthly Ministry. One of my favorite New Testament scriptures comes from Matthew 26:39. It reads, “And he [Jesus] went a little further, and fell on his face, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.” I often wonder how I can better have this attitude of not doing my own will, but Christ’s will, and our Father’s will. Putting aside our earthly desires and putting God first is something I’m trying to do. We can best do that by doing the small and simple things. Praying, reading God’s word, attending church, and striving to follow the commandments is the best way we can do that. And we will fail. But Christ allows us to get back up again. Because of what happened almost 2000 years ago, we are all able to use His Infinite Atonement. I hope you all have a beautiful Easter season. I love each of you!

Elder Inkley

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