Week 3!

Wow! Week 3 already. 101 more to go, but who’s counting? (My mother is. I’m pretty sure she already has a countdown chain hidden somewhere).

Last week in the MTC! It’s been good. I’ve learned lots about myself and about how to teach. The craziest thing this week was that the Utah game was cancelled again. But really, this might be a blessing. I’m pretty sure I would’ve just stayed home if I saw the Utes playing. So maybe it was a good thing. I’m still bummed about it though. 

I fly out on Tuesday the 17th. I got some more information on how I’ll get to my area and where I’ll be staying on the first night yesterday, so I feel more calm about it already! There are 27 missionaries heading out to the Missouri St. Louis mission on Tuesday. I’m pretty pumped to meet them and begin working with them. 

Home MTC has been a really strange experience. I’ve learned a ton. It’s taken a lot of strength not to give in to the temptations that home provides that a missionary doesn’t usually struggle with like a comfortable bed or playing the WiiU with your brothers or watching The Avengers with you family. Those are all things that I love and have had to avoid as I’ve been doing home MTC. But because of my obedience, I really feel different. I feel the Light of Christ flow through me at times, which allows me to sometimes teach in complete sentences during TRCs (those never got any better by the way.) I feel the Spirit SO much which is a ginormous blessing. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been impactful and worth my time. And I’ve been so blessed to have the opportunity to do online MTC. 

Read the Book of Mormon. That book blows my mind every time I open any page. I’m so grateful for the things I learn and more importantly the things I feel as I read it. If you have the time, Read 3 Nephi 11 sometime this week. The Lord’s words to these terrified Nephites were comforting to them, and I’m almost sure they can be comforting for us. We live in crazy times. So did they. The Lord may not physically be with us, but He is always with us, especially when we take time to read his words.

I love you all. Once again, EMAIL ME! I love when you guys do. And thanks to everyone who watched my farewell last week. I think it went well, but I was only looking at like 93 faces and I could only see their eyes so I’m not 100% sure how it went. But if you tuned in, THANKS! I love you all!

Elder Inkley