Week 2 Shenanigans!

Hey Party People! It’s Week 2 Baby!!

This was my first full week at the MTC. It was pretty good! Six hours of classes a day. Sometimes a workshop, sometimes a devotional. We started TRCs this week. TRCs are like a real teaching experience, but with double the awkwardness because you know that this person is a BYU student who is judging every move you make because they’re already back from their missions. So they make it extra hard and always have a kind of smirk. Did I mention I’m not a huge fan of TRCs? 

I don’t know if all of you heard, but the worst event of the month occurred sometime this week. It’s hard to talk about because it’s such a divisive topic. I’m, of course, talking about the PAC-12 cancelling the Utah game today. It’s a huge tragedy. It’s an outdated system that the founding fathers created…oh wait. That’s the election. Which is almost as bad as the Utah game getting cancelled. I still get to watch football today, so that’s good.

I’m not gonna have a ton of spiritual thoughts today BECAUSE (drumroll please…if you don’t drumroll right now I’ll know. And I’ll be mad that you didn’t. This is a big deal. Drumroll. Now)… I’m giving my farewell talk tomorrow!!! Unfortunately I can’t invite anyone because of this dumb virus. But the good news is Technology! If you click on the link below (haha I sound like a YouTuber. “I’LL BE GIVING AWAY A TESLA TO ANYONE THAT WATCHES MY LIVESTREAM OF MY FAREWELL”), you can watch it! It’s at Noon Mountain Standard Time. I hope you can all watch from the safety of your homes and feel the Spirit that inevitably enter your bosom because this talk is LEGIT. It’s 2 Legit 2 Quit. And it will never be unlegit. Watch my farewell.

I love you all! I’m grateful for your support. I can’t wait to get out to the field! Go play some video games for me today. and EMAIL ME! I have so much time in the MTC (Online) and would love to talk with you all. So please do that. Thanks. 

Love you!

Elder Inkley