MTC Week 1 Baby!

Hello all you beautiful people! I hope everyone is doing well! And if not well, I hope things are at least average. Today, October 31st, IS MY P-DAY! How lucky is that? I am so grateful for that this week. But I’m also especially grateful to be a missionary. It’s been a week full of emotions and full of the spirit. I can already feel a difference in my life. 

I do, of course, miss some of my old life. Whenever I work out, I do it in the basement…which was right next to my man cave where I spent the last 6 months playing copious amounts of Call of Duty and Fall Guys. So sometimes, I’ll just stare at the ole PS4 (PLAYSTATION GANG FOR LIFE) for a while and then go back to doing ab workouts. But then I snap out of it whenever I do zoom calls with my district.

My district is awesome. We are learning a lot from our instructors and from each other. Our Google Hangouts group chat name is “Our Super Dope District” so you already know we’re the best. 

You know what else I miss a lot? An iPhone. And I don’t mean to offend any Samsung users. I’m using an old Galaxy A10e. That’s one of the church sanctioned phones and it’s very slow. And maybe it’s just because I’ve been an Apple Simp (Trademark pending) for my whole life, but I don’t understand it very well. The music app especially. That app drives me nuts. So I’m not sure if it’s Apple I miss or just a phone that was made after 2018 that I miss. Man I sound so spoiled. 

I’m reading the scriptures…a lot. It’s every moment of the day. I’m ALWAYS in them. I got a new giant set of the Standard Works, embossed in my name. They’re awesome. And being in them all the time is exciting! I’m doing deep gospel dives, I’m zooming through the Book of Mormon, I’m prepping for TRCs (it’s a fake lesson to volunteers at the MTC), the works. I’m with Elder Bilton. I graduated with him from VHS in 2019. It’s so cool how we’re both going to the same mission AND we are companions. We’re killing it.

My stake president had some great wisdom this week as I got set apart. He said “Don’t try to process 2 years. Take it one day at a time. That’s all you have to do. Make it through today.” And I think that’s fantastic advice, for missionaries AND for everyone. You don’t need to have everything under control. You don’t need to have your whole future in line and planned out. Just make it through today. And if that’s too much? Just make it to the next task, the next thing you have to do. You are loved. You are strong. I miss all of you already and can’t wait to share this experience with you. 


Elder Inkley