Payson the Patient Champion

The hospital where Payson recurved treatment, Primary Childrens Medical Center, is part of the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN), which is an organization dedicated to fundraising and supporting children’s hospitals throughout the country.

Each year, the different CMN groups around the country choose a Patient Champion to sort of be the face of the organization at events and activities. For 2020, they chose Payson as the Patient Champion.

This means that he will go to a lot of events, shmooze the crowd like the total glad-hander he is, speak a few words mostly aimed at getting laughs and phone numbers of the cute ladies in the room, sing Eye of the Tiger, grab a handful of popcorn shrimp, and blow out of there.

We are so freaking excited to have him participating in such an impactful way. This is a group that raises millions and millions of dollars. It’s impossible to describe how much they help families like ours, and lots of others.

Anyway, one of the first things he got to do was film a tour of the hospital for sponsors. Evidently, one of the most frequent requests PCMC gets from donors is to take a tour of the facility. Also, it being a hospital, it’s not all that convenient for the like doctors and nurses and patients and everybody else to make way for the gawking well-doers. So, in an effort to give these incredibly generous people an inside look, they asked Payson to go up for a few days and film the tour as the tour guide.

You’ll hear lots more from us about this Patient Champion thing in coming months, and even about ways you can contribute, but, for now, here’s the sweet, sweet vid on the YouTubes.

And, in these crazy times, if you feel so inclined to give a few bucks today, you can do so by texting MIRACLE to 78619. It takes like 60 seconds.