A Sunday Thought

Things dumber than apologizing for not blogging for awhile:

1. Nothing.

Things that help you get chicks:

1. Seersucker suits

2. Pink bow ties

3. Money

Little man is doing great. He goes to school all the time, his hair is verdant (Spanish for green), he can read on like a second grade level even though he was only in first grade last year, he takes like a bakers dozen of pills every day, and he continues to just milk it all the time.

He’s had a couple of fevers – one that hit 103 at the hospital that freaked us out like the movie Contagion, and one that was just a slow burner that only freaked us out a little like the movie Coraline. Fevers are bad. But he continues to be amazingly healthy, particularly for a kid with a life threatening illness.

Also, we freaked the neighborhood out when the amazing people from the South Davis Fire Department came for a visit and let him check out the truck. Evidently, having a firetruck and two ambulances show up at your house with sirens and lights a blazing tends to raise concerns among neighbors when you have a kid with cancer, almost like maybe something is wrong and it’s not just rad people being kind. We are nothing if not thoughtful.

Life is pretty normal right now. There’s a few moments of concern and fear that remind us of what we are in the middle of, and there’s lots of moments of joy and love that make us wonder why we want to bite Payson’s face off because he’s so awesome. I hear that’s due to evolution. Doesn’t make sense to me, but, you know, science!

Speaking of science, this one time a few years ago we bought and consumed a Halloween Whopper from Burger King because we heard rumors about what the human body does to such things. And yes, green. Science!

But anyway, the point is that Payson’s cousin Whitney is home from her mission. For 18 months, she’s been giving ’em hell in South Korea, which is the Korea that’s obsessed with Hello Kitty, not the Korea that’s obsessed with gray military uniforms. She was over there selling religion from door-to-door when Payson got diagnosed, and she’s kept up on things through email and the spiritual and physical edification of the Let’s Kick This Pig blog.

Anyway, Whitney spoke about her mission in church today. Of course, we went, because we are Mormons who love meetings and also because they were offering free food like soup and hotdogs and lemon bars at their house and all we had to do was bring a tray of vegetables and we could eat as much as we wanted.

So anyway, the point is that Whitney slayed it today, and she quoted this scripture from the Good Book which reminded me that this scripture existed:

Phillippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Her point was that the scripture doesn’t promise that Jesus will take things away, will change our circumstances or our situation or our trials. But he will take our weak things away, change us, strengthen us so our trials make us who we are supposed to be.

I like that thought very much. I never want to forget the lessons, the challenges, and the strength of the last 10 months.

So, Sunday thought. Now go out there and eat a Whopper. For science!