Payson’s Cancer Journal

So, Wendy does thoughtful things like encourages Payson to write in his journal. She’s weird like that. Soooooooooo irrational. I mean, he has cancer. Even healthy kids don’t want to write in their journals. 

But anyway, here’s what he had to say today about how he’s doing. (Water spot courtesy of his dad, who has terrible fine motor skills. However, in my defense I was trying to do the dishes. Trying.)

He also went a talked to the Viewmont Girls Soccer team this week, as part of their retreat before they just dominate in the state playoffs. They wanted a super Hawtt bald person, and Britney Spears circa 2007 wasn’t available, so Pace was the guy. This was his whole message:

“Do your best and don’t give up.”

Word, little man. Word. 

And one other thing. He drew this thing with chalk for his aunt Michie. He’s super proud. Regular Einstein, or one of those other famous artists. 

Delayed Intensification sucks. Mouth sores and tiredness and bad numbers and such. But in the midst of it, he’s the same unspeakably awesome kid just being a kid and doing so much more than just getting through things. So many great days, and every day is a day closer!

Up yours, Leukemia!