Day 22 and an Educational Request

Another treatment at PCMC today. Day 22 of this month that is definitely the longest month in the history of humans, including that one month I tried the South Beach Diet. 

Numbers are good. All good. Just what they want to see at this point. Still sort of, like, gobbledeegook, but also informative. I think we are understanding like 85% of things, and I think the decimal is in the wrong place on that. But someday we are gonna understand sooo much we are going to ask really insightful questions and not just the equivalent of “Why the hell is he so tired all the time???”

On this visit, Payson did get a ridiculous hat and had someone super rad fulfill today’s craving request of Orange Chicken. So, he got shot up with some intense medicine, but it wasn’t a total loss. 

Next week is Day 29. The end of the first phase, Induction. It’s an important day. They give him a treatment and do a lumbar puncture, and they evaluate the whole month and establish the approach for the next phase, Consolidation. We are hopeful for that. Also, that day is his Dad’s 40th birthday. He’s hoping to induce some red meat and consolidate his bowels, or something. 

That’s Payson’s Chinese teacher. She’s rad. We are trying to make sure her efforts aren’t in vain, so we are establishing Payson’s educational plan during this totally stupid and sucky cancer thing. So far, here’s what we have:

1. Maybe read something sometime, or at least listen to someone read something, even if it’s a TelePrompTer and the person is one of the Wiggles, so help us. 

Anyway, so far, our plan sucks. He doesn’t want to read. Like, he will read a Chinese food menu, or the ingredients in Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup. But, as far as chapter books or picture books, or anything really in the “book” genus or species, he’s not interested. Lazy, I’m telling you. 

So, for fall, we have all kinds of plans and resources that are available that we are excited about. However, in the meantime we prefer Payson, like, uses his brain so it doesn’t degrade into Quaker Instant Oatmeal. 

One thing he will read is texts and emails. We realized this when our crazy brilliant friend Laurie went to San Diego and sent him a story about the Mormon Batallion. He was totally into it, like steady dating. 

So, being the totally awesome parents we are, we’d rather have somebody else do the work so our kid can benefit. So, if you would be so kind, email Wendy a story, to It doesn’t have to be a big long super boring story. A couple paragraphs. Something from your life, or an imaginative and age appropriate retelling of a fairy tale, or a cool fact about the universe or the earth or dirt, or something totally made up. Whatever. Just something for him to read. And when he wins some literary or reading award, or at least doesn’t need the picture menu at McDonald’s, imagine how great you’ll feel. Do it now. 

We love you!!!!