Learning a Language


Payson is in Chinese immersion at school. It’s rad, but also we are totally helpless. Like, hey, let me help you with your math in Chinese, even though I suck at math in English and I can’t read a single thing on this whole page and you’re in first grade and I’m already out of my depth.

I think that’s also how we are feeling about the language we are trying to learn from these medical people about Payson’s leukemia and his blood and his general body-intensive information and such.  Like, none of these words have ever been used in Scrabble. These people are so fantastic, so brilliant, so helpful, but they start talking their words and stuff and it instantly sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher.

At the serious risk of oversharing, here’s the voicemail we got today about his first round of lab results:​​

​I’m 100% confident that all of this is important, and someday it will make total sense why we want to know these things, but today everything after “pretty good” is essentially trying to help Payson with math in Chinese. Like, leave it to the experts.

The little man is tired and weak, but he’s a freaking trooper. There have been times in his life when I’ve questioned his toughness. Like, rub some dirt on it, suck it up, stop letting those tears well up in your eyes and BE A MAN. Well, never again. I promise. This is the toughest kid I know.

And these little video clips are from this Second a Day app that we’re using to take one second of footage every day of his treatment.  It’s pretty cool.  These are not eventful, but they give you a tiny glimpse of the day.  I can’t wait until those eyelashes are gone.  They are totally distracting.