Mother’s Day

When Pace was born, he had to stay in the NICU for a couple days because he wasn’t breathing right. So the first time Wendy got to hold him was Mother’s Day 2010. She said it was the best Mother’s Day ever, and nothing would ever compare. 

But she couldn’t have ever predicted the wonder of Mother’s Day 2017. 

So it’s been a long couple days. Pace is starting to feel the effects of the treatment, and he’s been a little sick and pretty weak and tired, and we didn’t feel much like going to our ward for church, just not today.  We love our ward, things are just a little raw and stuff still. So, we got this wild hair at 10:30 to drive to Jackson for the day, about a four hour drive.

Payson seemed a little better, he had smiley eyes again, the other kids were excited, and we’d catch a redneck sacrament meeting on the way and spend an awesome day not cooped up for an awkward Mother’s Day block of meetings where we’d cry the whole time and people would think we were doing worse than we are.

So, we loaded up in the minivan and headed out for an adventure and Pace barfed into a grocery bag twice before we got 40 minutes into the drive, and so we stopped to play at a park but there were other people there and it looked awkward because we wee in church clothes and so we sat in the minivan in the parking lot and everybody watched me eat a cupcake and then we turned around and were home in time for church at 1:00, to the great excitement of the kids and everybody. ​​

But Pace was hammered and he fell asleep for two and a half ours and I took one for the team and stayed home from church. And then Payson woke up, still in his bow tie and jacket, and he ate a raw red potato. 

It was actually an awesome adventure. We have so much to learn. Happy Mother’s Day! The end.