Kicking Off Kicking This Pig

Payson had a good first visit to the clinic today for his chemo treatment. He was there from 9:30-1:00. They used his iron man port to take some blood, give some medicine, and knock him out to treat and test his spinal fluid again. 

We don’t know the leukemia numbers until Tuesday, but everything else is ok. He’s got low platelets, so he may need some blood next week, which I think is an awesome phrase that I’m gonna incorporate into my life. Like, “Hey, I had a pretty good day at work today, but I’m gonna need some blood next week.”

Pace’s biggest bummer is still stuff that sticks to his skin. Like, imagine the thing in the world that is the least sticky substance that exists, like zero viscosity or whatever, and then imagine that substance on your skin, and Payson would think that was infinity times too sticky. So band aids and dressings aren’t dealt with super well, like overreacting like Mel Gibson on a traffic stop. But other than that, he was stallion today, like he always is. 

He was rewarded with cheese pullaparts from the PIE on the way home, and also his first Dr Pepper out of the can, just because he felt like it. He drank like 2 milliliters, or thereabouts. Now he’s socked out on the couch with his Tostitos lime power shingles and water out of his IHC mug. It’s a party round here all night yo.